Healthcare Resources


Oklahoma Covid Symptom Tracker , use this streamlined assessment to determine whether you are likely to have coronavirus and what your next step should be. 


What to do if you are sick? State Department of Health guidelines on what you should do if you have tested positive or think you might have coronavirus. 


CDC Guidelines on when you can be around others after you have had or likely have had Covid-19.


Department of Health Covid Testing Sites a list of the State Department of Health’s testing sites. 


General Healthcare

Free Health Clinics in Oklahoma, a searchable list of free and income based clinics in Oklahoma. 


Oklahoma Mothers Milk Bank breast milk bank that provides safe, pasteurized breast milk for mothers with a physicians prescription with babies under the age of 2. 


Trust Women Clinic is a clinic in Oklahoma City that  provides free or low-cost long acting contraceptives to women who qualify, and other family planning services. 

OK Department of Health Family Planning Resources The Oklahoma State Department of health provides family planning services at regional hubs in Enid, Woodward, Ponca City, and Stillwater by appointment.