Educational Materials for Children and Adults

Homeschooling Resources During COVID

Khan Academy provides in-depth videos and practice problems for kids 2-18. It offers grade-specific math and reading resources up until the 8th grade. Khan Academy continues to offer math and science resources up to the collegiate level as well as test prep resources for the SAT and the LSAT.


Amazing Educational Resources is a spreadsheet of 300+ education-based companies offering free subscriptions due to COVID related school closings. 


OETA has a series of fun and engaging online educational activities for kids under 9 years old. 



The Kennedy Center offers interactive resources for students to learn more about different forms of art. Additionally, they also have remote teaching resources to allow children to continue to learn about the arts.


Daria is a website that offers multicultural music and provides information to children on how different traditional instruments are made.



Crash Course is a YouTube Channel that offers engaging videos that breaks down some of the most important historical events and developments.


The Library of Congress has presentations to help students learn about history. Most of them are geared toward middle schoolers and high schoolers. 


The National Endowment for the Humanities offers activities for students split up by grade level, in the Arts, History, Civics, and Literature. 



The Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics has an online kid zone that has graph making and math practice for grades 3-5.


Greg Tang Math offers math related games for elementary students.


Math Learning Center has free apps geared to preschools to fifth grade math students.


Reading & Writing

Scholastic provides day to day projects for kids 4-10 to keep learning and reading. (This is not a free resource, it’s $5.99 a month).


Unite For Literacy provides free digital access to picture books which are narrated in several languages.


Storyline Online is a website where professional actors read popular picture books aloud. 


Storybird allows students (it’s primarily geared toward elementary age kids) to create, write and give life to their own short stories. 


International Children’s Digital Library books for Children ages 3-11 in a multitude of different languages:



The Department of Energy has games and activities to teach elementary and middle school students.


The Environmental Protection Agency offers games, quizzes and videos to teach elementary and middle school age kids about the environment. 


NASA has an interactive zone for kids to learn about the universe. It also provides activity ideas for parents and educators. 


NOAA allows students to use real-time ocean data to explore the environment and environmental impacts through guided modules. 


Mystery Science offers 15 to 90 minute lessons, for elementary level students, that guide you through performing science experiments using household items. 


USGS has educational resources for students to learn about physical science, geography and maps. They have activities for K-12. 


National Geographic Kids Science Lab offers articles, videos and experiments for elementary age students. 


Adult Educational Resources

Unite For Literacy provides free digital access to picture books which are narrated in several languages for adults as well.


OER Commons has free open source textbooks and other free online resources


Project Gutenberg has the world’s largest online collection of free books. 


Open Culture has compiled a list of 1,000 Free Audiobooks