Below is a volunteer-run map of all the current public, non-profit, and private facilities that offer COVID-19 testing in Oklahoma.

Our mission is to provide accurate, up-to-date information about testing in Oklahoma. This site will be continuously updated and users can help us by providing any updated information about testing centers by contacting us here.

Click on any individual point on the map for more information about the testing site, including timings and any contact information. Additionally, click on the tab icon in the upper left corner of the map to filter your results and learn more about the testing locations.

We have also included relevant resources from the major health departments in Oklahoma. We will continue to update this website to provide comprehensive information regarding COVID-19 for state residents.

COVID-19 Case Count

Graphic sourced from tulsaworld.com

A little bit about us

In early June, a few friends from the University of Oklahoma got together to fill a critical hole in the COVID-19 response in Oklahoma. We couldn’t find a comprehensive map of testing centers in the state and decided that, with our limited website designing capabilities, we’d make a site to provide a simple, intuitive map of the available testing sites in Oklahoma.

We hope for this site to be a community effort as we try to fill this site with information pertinent to Oklahomans. This isn’t a replacement for government resources. Rather, we hope for this to be a repository for relevant local and state resources, as we navigate these turbulent times. We invite all the feedback and suggestions we can get, so that we make a site that can answer the questions we all have, and get through this together.